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Friendship 799

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Level German 8 (from 13)

Blade Persson Power Allround
BH Friendship 799 1,5mm

This rubber is very well suited for block & counter attack due to an effective balance of speed ans control. Moreove it is very easy to answer topspins with nasty returns. Meanwhille I got used to attack any kind of spin -. backspin as well as topspin -.
With a littel practice even services are possible, that show some kind of spin.

This rubber is the perfect killer for opponents acting passively with long pimples out rubbers: a few chopping and then the final blast.

This rubber is also suitable for defense situations producing a sufficient backspin.

The price of the rubber is very modest - perfect for people who want just to test how a short pimple out rubber is handling. However the quality is minor and the sponges show a great variation among different charges. The best quality is found with the rubbers where above the 799 some chinese letters are printed on the rubber

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