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Rendler Krenzer Konterspin 6

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level: ??
FH Tibhar Speedy Spin Premium 1,8mm
BH the same in 1,5mm

I play a classical offensive style attacking with topspin on both sides. Furthermore I gain many points by my service. Next round I will play with the adults in the BK (=> level 9). I qualified as second placed player for the official top list of Baden.

FH-counter hit: as usual with Rendler blade very safe and with this blade easily precise in placement
FH chopping: rarely played because I am mainly attacking. In the beginning I often chopped the balls into the net. With some practice I made it for the BH (flat and short balls) however with the FH the balls still bounced off to high, an easy prey for the opponent.
FH flip: safe with the BH, but difficult to place with the FH (sometimes short, sometimes long ..)
FH block: very safe and with highly precise placement
FH topspin: close at the table very good - fast, flat and with easy placement. At a half distance from the table phantastic upon backspin balls but difficult in "topspin battles". In this case the ball often ended up in the net.
FH smash: no problem
FH defense: rarley played but I have the feeling that even these balls can be played successfully

Overall => a splendid feeling with the FH

BH counter hit: diffcult to judge for me. At some days no success at all; at other days a perfect performance
BH chopping: very safe. It is however very important that the upper part of the body is bent forward towards the table otherwise the ball will bounce off to high.
BH block: with normal topspins without any problems, but difficult for extreme spins.
BH topspin: real grenades, however here the blade does not tolerate any kind of mistakes
BH smash: difficult; nicely performed with flat balls, but painfully with high balls.

+ with the KS6 I have found my blade. For me it is the optimal mixture of catapult and control.
- high price

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