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Rendler Krenzer Konterspin 1

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#1 Cogito



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Geschrieben 13 Juni 2004 - 12:38


level: German 9 (from 13)
rubbers: see test

My old blade was Killton. As I changed simultaneously blade and rubbers, I had some dificulties in the beginning.

I am playing close to the table: BH a first soft topspin and then counter attack or block; FH a first fast and heavily rotating topspin or alternatively a block if the opponent starts with topspin.

At first I tried it with two Sriver 1,7mm (I have played Srivers for more than 20 years); however this did not work very well. The same held true for a SunControl 1,8 and a JapTec Performance Soft 1,5.
Finally I succeeded with a Revolution COR Supersponge 1,6 on the FH and a Joola Air Rosnet 1,8 on the BH => a very convincing feeling for the game which is still improving.

Anyway this racket gives me a unique and so far unknown feeling for the balls !! My topspin - especially against defenders - is so dangereous and spinning as never before.

However as there are 7 different types of these kind of blades, I am unsure, if another modell would not fit even better (especially with a more offensive FH) ?

#2 Cogito



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Geschrieben 09 September 2004 - 12:17


The ideal blade for long pimple out (LPO) players should show the following features:
- the extraordinary control of the Re-Impact blades
- a minimal catapult on the LPO side (mostly backhand)
- a hard veneer on the outside for maximal spin reversal
These criteria led to a re-design of the KS1 and KS5 blades

level: 11 (German from 13)
FH: Palio Hadou 1,8mm heavily glued
BH: Superblock OX
reference blade: the old KS1


- most important => all balls played with the LPO BH, no matter if "press chops" or blocks or lifted balls, dropped much faster onto the opponent's table than with the old model.

- press chop (the blade is held vertical to the table and the ball vigorously pushed towards the net): the above described effect was very helpful. I managed to push the ball much more aggressively without the risk of ending up too long. The transformation of the surplus of saftey into speed turned this technique more uncomfortable for my opponent.

- wiping (the blade is moved from the left to the right; it starts with a prestressed wrist and is performed as a short movement; the ball takes off very fast, flat and rapidly declining): this technique worked out much better now. So far I made so many mistakes that I never dared to apply this efficient technique.

- block upon topspin: superb ! Especially with very hard and fast balls the new features supported short stopp blocks. If the attacks had not so much speed it was even possible to place the ball very very close behind the net (10-20cm). The harder Angegre veneer caused an appreciable increase in spin reversal.

Overall the BH was in a positive sense ambivalent: with passive balls more retarding (very comfortable upon blocking), with active balls more direct and with more speed (for example with the press chop)


The uncoupling of the cores catapult from the BH showed also a small effect for the FH.

- the topspins were easier performed and were more vicious (or may be that this increase was due to fact that for the first time I used an additional layer of speed glue ?)

- to my great surprise I was able to block successfully very fast and heavily spinning balls although I had the feeling that the balls would end up too long when I hit the ball. This is a hint that the catapult of the FH was somewhat reduced too.

- smashes: the same speed but less mistakes than with the old model

The above described ambivalence showed up too with the FH although the effect was much less pronounced.

Summary: for the LPO players of the type "block & trouble" acting close to the table the new versions are a "must have". For defenders of the classical type acting farther away from the table and playing the classical chopping defence as well as for pimple inside / short pimples out players, who more frequently use their BH for an active game, the old version might be advantageous.

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