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TSP Milli Tall

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 02:14 PM


Level: German 10 (from 13)

Testing pimple out rubbers shows over and over again how important the blade is. I have been konowing thisrubber for about 10 years and with the old ball it was my standard BH rubber on a TSP Balsa 3.5 (all). However this combination showed severe control problems with the new ball; this hold true for my new blade the KSK (Krenzer Kombi Spezial), too. Reading about the differences between the KSK and the 4MD Spezial I tried again with the latter blade. Ir really worked out fine and I recognized again my BH game from the "ancient 38mm time".

The optional format of the title design for this thread did not allow the following title, so I state it here:
"TSP Mill Tall, the alternative for the aggressive LPO- respectively variable SPO-player"

The array of the pimples is as usual for LPO rubbers: thin diameter, close spacing; however shorter as usual LPOs. So the Milli Tall can be labeled as medium length pimple out rubber. The surface rubber is smooth and with little grip. For me it is difficult to judge the strength of the sponge, but it is definetely softer than the one of the Grass Devil. The Milli Tall displays features that I did not see with other LPOs so far.

At first I just summarize the performance with individual techniques by a ranking from (1= excellent to 6=totally miserable)

Services 2
Service returns 2
Counter 2+
Block 3
Smash 1
Spin 5
Chop 3
Defense 3

I usually serve with my PI rubber (FH) and only occasionally with the PO (BH). I expect from the latter services a variable speed with topspinning services and the possibility to fake (=> concerning the rotation). Good services of this kind should be fast and the return should mostly end up in the net. Concerning these criteria the rubber is good.

Service return:
Extraordinary good for a LPO. One has to discriminate between an offensive and a defensive response. Offensive means a nice and fast smash (=> works fine !). However I could not answer severely rotating backspin services this way. Here I had to use either a fast chop too or I had to place the ball short behind the net without any rotation. Concerning this discipline I am lacking exercise at the moment.

This is a favorite discipline of the rubber ! If this does not work, the combination of blade and rubber is false. With my racket I was able to counter PI-players off from the table by increasing the speed. I do not know any other short LPO which does allow me such hard, fast and safe countering.

means in my hands a passive block. The new blade allows a moderately usefull block; however block is not my technique anyway.

the very top discipline of this rubber ! The only other LPO supporting so hard and fast smashes is the Spectol, but with much less safety. It was eaysily possible to smash short and slow topspins.

was close to a disaster. Although my technical abilities referring to this are not very well developed, I noticed that the rubber showed a low control compared to other LPOs.


Here the rubber displayed an unusual property: the balls did not show any rotation. If you are able to keep the ball flat and use this technique only occasionally, you might provoke mistakes from your opponent. But do not use it continuously ! The opponent will get used to it rapidly. The rubber can also be used for another "surprise, surprise": defending far away from the table just smash the ball back !

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