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Palio Hadou

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Level: German 11 (from 13)
blade ??

Style of my game
FH is used mainly for flipping, chopping and SMASHING. So far I have tested various other chinese rubbers as 1.5mm Dawei 388-A2 (Donic Waldner Senso V2 blade), 1.5mm Globe 999E (Donic Esprit blade as well as Donic Waldner blade) and finally the Palio Amigo.

Results with the Hadou:

Control (counter & block):
It seems that the number of successfull returns increased notably. Especially the safety of blocking increased, however without an increase of danger for the oppenent.

Compared to the other chinese rubbers I am lacking control with chopping. This might be based on the harder sponges of the other rubbers. Moreover I have the feeling that the Globe 999E (on the Esprit) gave a great deal more rotation. So now my opponents do not make so many mistakes on my services. However placement of the balls is superb; it is only the rotation which has to be improved.

Although hardly played, it worked surprisingly well. With the Hadou it was possible for me to produce some kind of topspin even when I was not in the correct position hitting the ball. Most of thel topspin balls were properly returned by my opponents. However due to lack of technique topspin is definetely not my favorite.

After 2 weeks adaptation most of my smashes work well now. Although smashes don't show the same power than with the other chines rubbers, only with the Hadou I managed to repeat smashes safely 3x. Finally this yields more points, especially because the placement is better.

This is the first time that I am able to produce a flip !

Backspin Defense
Rarely played either, however it worked fine ! The Hadou is the first rubber enabling me to play a correct backspin defence i.e. with sufficient rotation (=> extreme action with the wrist necessary) and a flat curve of flight.

I will definetely play the Hadou in the forthcoming season. In bad shape this rubber enables me to give up my usual bang-smash-point style of playing due to its superb allround features and in good shape the improved smash features will help.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='help' /> me to shoot out my opponents

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