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Rendler Slimline All

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Geschrieben 11 Oktober 2004 - 09:20


player's level: german 11 (out of 13)
rubbers: FH Joola Topspin 1,8 BH Vario 1,8

at a first glance:

A typical Re-Impact product from Rendler: a nicely finished and lightweight blade and just 7.5mm thick.

counter strokes:
the first five balls ended up in the net, so I had to hit the ball with a good push to bring it back to my opponent's side with typical straight speed of counter balls. On the other side the blade offered an incredible control and feedback . However I was missing "the tiger in the tank" especially considering my 1.8mm sponges.

very controlled and with much feeling for the ball; short chops are feasible.

Close to the table you need sufficient action for the blade, but for me this need for an increased activity is not acceptable as steady state condition. However all kind of topspins - soft as well as hard - are feasible with a lot of "feeling" for the ball.
In the half distance from the table topspin is possible as a single action (for disturbing or as an escape) but not as the dominating routine technique.

This is the very very discipline of the blade, with an extreme feeling and with potential for more activity.

this was not tested by me but I suspect that the superb control together with the linear increase of catapult (dpending on the strength of hitting the ball) could fit well for the defense

first summary:

a steady and controlled blade with "all-" characteristics and excellently suited for entrants. It promotes an active game and offers good resources for a passive game. For my game I am missing some power.

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